Quality Assurance

A&H Technologies SeaPort-e Team Quality Assurance

Our overall purpose for Quality Assurance (QA) is to provide for consistent, successful delivery of quality products and services that meet the customer’s requirements.  A&H Technologies has developed and maintains an internal evaluation process for compliance with respect to standard policies, plans, and repeatable procedures for QA. Our Corporate QA policy is to develop individual specifications for each of our contracts. This allows us to meet our company requirements and conform to customer requirements. This process develops a unique QA plan for each contract allowing the project team to understand and address non-compliance up front for each contract. This approach should minimize the need for resolution hierarchy and establish QA processes which ensure that effective QA activities are performed and QA activity records maintained during contract performance. This tailoring should allow A&H to meet the technical, cost, and schedule needs of individual contracts.

A&H Technologies’ quality assurance processes, as tailored for Seaport-e, will be mandatory for all of our teammates for work on Seaport-e task orders. To facilitate this requirement, all Seaport-e QA guidelines, plans, and procedures will be electronically available for use by our Teammates via Internet on the secure A&H Technologies DCMS Seaport-e portal in the documentation library. Our QA processes apply to both deliverables and processes used throughout the contract, starting with the initial proposal submittal and following through task order execution. This will allow A&H to document and carry forward all lessons learned to future contracts.

The Seaport-e contract tailored QA Plan will include:
1. Master Schedule Collection and review of all contract and task order requirements, milestones, deliverables,  schedules, and plans.

2. Metrics which provide identification, measurement, collection, and reporting of key contract aspects.

3. Conduct of QA reviews to assure quality objectives are met on all aspects of project deliverables and work performed.

4. Addressing of risk management to insure that it is integrated into all A&H actions.

5. Development and maintenance of a database which documents contract issues so they can be tracked throughout the contract life cycle.

6. Conduct of monthly In-Progress Reviews (IPR) at all contract levels.

7. Reporting of key metrics, activities, and any non-compliance issues to clients and corporate leadership through monthly management reports.